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by silvia valencia hazel CRNP

I'm just a homeschooling mom of 2 that saw a need for deeper healing that looks past the numbers on a piece of paper. I've devoted my work as a nurse practitioner to helping people unlock root-cause healing for themselves.

i'm a healer.
just like you.

about ME

In the peak of my middle school years, I began manifesting a mysterious illness that caused me to miss many days of school over the course of several months. I went to see TONS of specialists, none of which had any answers. My labs looked normal, apart from early signs of thyroid autoimmnunity. So when the symptoms began to subside, we were all grateful and never looked back.

Fast forward 5 years, I get the diagnosis of hashimotos and am put on medication I am told I need to take for the rest of my life. From there, the symptoms and diagnoses just kept coming...PCOS, anxiety, depression, IBS, cystic acne

It wasn't until I gave birth to my first daughter that I realized there is a different way. I had my first experience with a functional and integrative medicine doctor that opened me to a whole new world. I chased health & wellness constantly. Fad diets, holistic treatments, cutting-edge modalities—you name it, I tried it. This chase became such a part of my life, not just for myself, but for my family, that I LITERALLY made it my full-time job. 

I spent the next several years becoming a nurse practitioner and training in integrative in functional medicine. Several years into my career as an integrative & functional medicine nurse practitioner, some of the most complex cases of chronic illness would end up at my doorstep, having tried EVERYTHING, both conventional and otherwise. Focusing on the physical body alone was failing to deliver. Chronic illness was still just as prevalent, and the codes written into the nervous system were incapable of being overridden without a sense of safety. This is when I began to realize that the body knew better than I did what it needed. My body knew more than my conscious mind, and if I was open enough to receive its wisdom I could heal, and I could guide others in tapping into their body’s innate wisdom as well.

As I began to explore even more unconventional methods of healing, including traditional practices from cultures all over the world, and began to rely less on other people to heal me and instead tap into my own power, I began to notice a shift, not only in how I felt day-to-day, but also in how I interacted with the world around me. I noticed that when I am at home with myself, I am able to show up as a mother, partner, healer and me in a more authentic and embodied way. And when I am able to do this, the things that are meant to find me (amazing, seemingly impossible things) flow effortlessly in my direction. And I started to notice this in several patients that I had worked with in this capacity!

This is when I realized I had developed an incredibly unique approach to support the nervous system as well as body safety while addressing other root causes of illness.

I have dedicated my work to helping folks remember who they are, live a life aligned with that truth and heal and come home to themselves in the process. My work is not to heal. In my opinion, it is not within anyone’s power to heal anyone else but instead aid in the unfolding of the healing and transformation process. 

Are you ready for your homecoming? 

it all started when I was 12.

about ME

Nervous system Health


pediatric concerns

Gut health


Mold toxicity

stealth infections


chronic fatigue

mood disorders

childhood & past trauma



she has a very intuitive presence, with wise insights and valuable ideas. I discovered different aspects of myself and more ways to find deeper healing.


Thanks to Silvia's support, my physical, emotional and spiritual health has improved drastically.

(Maryland ONLY) We use the body as our primary guide in getting to the root cause of underlying imbalances and together determine how to support vitality, healing and wellness. 


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Let the body be the guide in giving it what it needs to heal.
In these medicine sessions, we will dig into history, symptoms and anything that could be affecting how things are manifesting in your body. Together, we will decide how to gather more information (functional tests, journaling, labs, etc), and then we will design a protocol that directly supports the healing of the body.

In these coaching sessions, we will use the body-led medicine approach and make recommendations based on this body-informed approach. 

body-led coaching



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60 minutes 

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Transmute energetic blockages into power through this energy healing session, using reiki, guided visualizations and potent transformative energy. Much of healing happens on the energetic level before the physical level. This means that tapping into our energy has the potential to create waves of healing that will manifest for us physically. 

Alchemy session

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