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It wasn't until I gave birth to my first daughter that I realized there is a different way. I had my first experience with a functional and integrative medicine doctor that opened me to a whole new world. I chased health & wellness constantly. Fad diets, holistic treatments, cutting-edge modalities—you name it, I tried it. This chase became such a part of my life, not just for myself, but for my family, that I LITERALLY made it my full-time job. 

I spent the next several years becoming a nurse practitioner and training in integrative in functional medicine. Several years into my career as an integrative & functional medicine nurse practitioner, some of the most complex cases of chronic illness would end up at my doorstep, having tried EVERYTHING, both conventional and otherwise. Focusing on the physical body alone was failing to deliver. Chronic illness was still just as prevalent, and the codes written into the nervous system were incapable of being overridden without a sense of safety. This is when I began to realize that the body knew better than I did what it needed. My body knew more than my conscious mind, and if I was open enough to receive its wisdom I could heal, and I could guide others in tapping into their body’s innate wisdom as well.

As I began to explore even more unconventional methods of healing, including traditional practices from cultures all over the world, and began to rely less on other people to heal me and instead tap into my own power, I began to notice a shift, not only in how I felt day-to-day, but also in how I interacted with the world around me. I noticed that when I am at home with myself, I am able to show up as a mother, partner, healer and me in a more authentic and embodied way. And when I am able to do this, the things that are meant to find me (amazing, seemingly impossible things) flow effortlessly in my direction. And I started to notice this in several patients that I had worked with in this capacity!

This is when I realized I had developed an incredibly unique approach to support the nervous system as well as body safety while addressing other root causes of illness.

I have dedicated my work to helping folks remember who they are, live a life aligned with that truth and heal and come home to themselves in the process. My work is not to heal. In my opinion, it is not within anyone’s power to heal anyone else but instead aid in the unfolding of the healing and transformation process. 

Are you ready for your homecoming? 

No one talks about the wound that gets torn open in you when you become a mother. We like to focus on the child, their health, success, how many activities they are enrolled in, etc. And in the process we lose part of ourselves. We become so intertwined with this new being that we forget how to connect with the power that will allow us to parent this being in the most authentic and powerful way. 

I had this experience when my oldest daughter was born, and it took me years to find my way back to myself, to come home. It’s from this home within myself that I become the most powerful and impactful mother, partner and business owner that I can be. I have a special place in my heart for those that are learning to mother their children while trying to find a way to mother themselves.

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